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Arlo Table Lamp White Marble

Elevate your interior with the Arlo Table Lamp Marble, embodying mid-century elegance. This exquisite lamp features a captivating gloss opal blown glass shade, a luxurious marble base, and refined brushed brass metalwork.

  • Opal glass shade, marble base
  • Table lamp with mid-century design
  • 120 x 120 x 250mm



Arlo Table Lamp White Marble

In the realm of interior design, the mid-century aesthetic uniquely merges vintage charm with modern sophistication. The Arlo Table Lamp White Marble effortlessly brings this ‘on-trend’ style into any space, consequently, its exquisite design and detail make it an undeniable focal point in any room.

Elegance Illuminated: The Arlo’s Gloss Opal Blown Glass Shade

At the heart of the Arlo’s allure lies its captivating gloss opal blown glass shade. Emitting a soft glow, it not only illuminates but also creates a serene atmosphere. Moreover, the shade complements and reflects your decor’s colors and patterns, adding a unique touch of elegance.

Luxury Grounded: The Arlo’s Premium Marble Base

The Arlo Table Lamp’s marble base is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Skillfully carved from premium-quality marble, ensuring stability and adds a luxurious air, additionally, each lamp is unique, showcasing the natural veins and patterns of marble.

Refined Details: The Arlo’s Brushed Brass Metalwork

The Arlo impressively combines a stunning glass shade with a marble base and brushed brass metalwork. This metalwork adds a golden touch, effectively enhancing its mid-century charm. Furthermore, it is sturdy and rust-resistant, maintaining the lamp’s lasting shine and grandeur.

Masterful Design: The Arlo’s Curated Composition

The Arlo Table Lamp is more than a functional item; it’s a meticulously curated statement piece. It harmoniously combines a marble base, brushed brass metalwork, and a gloss opal blown glass shade. This lamp transforms from a simple utility to a masterpiece in design.

Mid-Century Magic: Elevating Spaces with the Arlo Lamp

The Arlo is the perfect choice for adding timeless elegance to your interior. Ideally suitable for various settings, it blends seamlessly with your decor. The Arlo Table Lamp Marble not only creates an atmosphere of luxury and warmth but also embodies the perfect design blend. Indeed, every home deserves this touch of mid-century magic.

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Brushed Gold, White Marble


Glass, Marble, Steel



Bulb Type

3W, G9, LED