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Beehive Bulb Warm White

Illuminate elegantly with the Beehive 2.5W LED E27 Warm White bulb. Its amber tinted ribbed glass and warm glow add sophistication and charm to any setting.

  • Warm White with Amber Tint
  • LED Bulb, 2.5W
  • 130 x 130 x 178mm



Radiant Elegance: Beehive 2.5W LED E27 Bulb

Introduce a touch of radiance with the Beehive 2.5W LED E27 Warm White bulb, blending aesthetics and functionality. Encased in amber-tinted ribbed glass, it transcends mere illumination, adding character and intrigue to any room.

Gentle Glow: Warm White Beehive LED Light

The Beehive 2.5W LED bulb emits a gentle, warm white glow, creating a cosy atmosphere. Perfect for tranquil evenings or lively gatherings, it sets the mood for any occasion.

Sophisticated Illumination: Amber-Tinted Ribbed Glass

Elegance meets illumination in the Beehive LED bulb. Its amber tinted ribbed glass enhances aesthetic allure while diffusing light. This sophisticated touch transforms spaces into refined sanctuaries.

Comfort Lighting: Anti-Glare Beehive LED

Say goodbye to harsh glares with the Beehive LED bulb. Its design ensures a soft, diffused glow, pampering your eyes with soothing illumination.

Intriguing Design: Characterful Beehive LED

The Beehive bulb is more than a light source; it’s a conversation starter. Its distinctive design and warm glow infuse character and intrigue into any space.

Flexible Lighting Solutions: Beehive LED Bulb

The Beehive LED bulb pairs seamlessly with various bases, offering versatile lighting options to suit your needs and creativity.

Gift of Radiance: Beehive LED Bulb

The Beehive LED bulb makes a delightful gift, embodying warmth and charm. It’s perfect as a stand alone piece or paired with a base for a complete set.
Elevate Your Lighting Experience

Transformative Ambiance: Beehive LED E27 Bulb

The Beehive 2.5W LED E27 Warm White bulb invites you to elevate your ambiance. It imparts elegance and a narrative touch to your living space.

Embrace Radiance: Beehive LED E27 Bulb

Don’t miss the chance to revitalise your decor with the Beehive LED bulb. It offers captivating radiance, infusing warmth and character into your space.

Additional information


Amber, Warm White


Glass, Steel



Bulb Type

2.5W, E27, LED, Non-Dimmable