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Calix Table Lamp White

Elevate your space with the Calix Table Lamp, a blend of serene elegance and modern design. This lamp features a unique white Terrazzo base.

  • White Terrazzo base
  • Table lamp, ideal for LED Filament Globe Lamps
  • 100 x 100 x 130mm


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Calix Table Lamp White

In a world filled with design inspirations, the Calix Table Lamp White stands out as a pristine embodiment of elegance and modern flair. Consequently, elevating interiors becomes a joyous endeavour with this stylish table lamp. Its white shade isn’t just any white; rather, it is the soft and serene white of dawn, bringing a refreshing charm and sophistication to any space.

Contemporary Style: The Calix Lamp’s Terrazzo Base

The base of the Calix Table Lamp is artfully crafted from the ever-popular Terrazzo. Renowned for its durability and diverse design capabilities, Terrazzo offers a delightful blend of coloured chips set within the white matrix. In modern interior design, Terrazzo has made a noteworthy comeback. As a result, with this lamp, interiors are graced with a trendy white Terrazzo base that effortlessly complements a wide range of décor styles.

Visual Symphony: Calix’s Base Harmony

The harmonious blend of the gentle white shade with the Terrazzo base offers a visual delight. This lamp isn’t just a beacon of light; instead, it’s a focal point, a topic of conversation. Its presence in any setting—whether a bedroom, living room, study, or office—significantly enhances the overall ambiance. Thus, with the Calix Table Lamp White, illumination becomes an experience, a mood, a statement.

Optimal Lighting: LED Filament Globe Lamps and the Calix

But what’s a designer table lamp without the perfect light? To complete the Designer Look, you can pair the lamp with one of our LED Filament Globe Lamps. These globes artfully bridge the gap between vintage charm and modern efficiency. Featuring a filament design reminiscent of classic Edison bulbs, they emit a comforting glow, yet also benefit from the longevity and energy-saving properties of LED technology.

Masterpiece in Design: The Trendy Calix Table Lamp White

Why opt for the mundane when you can choose a Trendy masterpiece that bridges design eras with grace? The Calix Table Lamp White offers precisely that experience. It isn’t just a Table Lamp, White, Calix; it’s a journey through the annals of design. Every shimmering ray it casts tells a story—a tale of art, innovation, and boundless potential.

Bold and Refined: The Calix Lamp as an Interior Statement

To sum up, for those aiming to make a bold yet refined statement, to elevate their interiors with a harmonious blend of the past, present, and future, the Calix Table Lamp White is the ideal choice. When complemented with the LED Filament Globe Lamps, it offers more than mere illumination. Indeed, it promises style, distinction, and the timeless allure of impeccable design.

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E27, MAX 40W