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Crackling Orbs Balls Clear

Elevate your home decor with Crackling Orbs Balls in Clear. These mesmerising orbs captivate with their visual effects and soothing glow, making them more than just lights. They embody artistry and ambiance, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, celebration, or contemplation.

  • Crackle Clear
  • Set of 3 Glass Orbs
  • 100x150x200mm



Introducing the Crackling Orbs Balls in Clear

Illuminate your living space with the enchanting S/3 Crackling Orbs Balls in clear. Orbs do more than just provide light, they captivate as a home decor piece. They transform your surroundings into a realm of warmth and ambience.

Intriguing Visual Effects for Enhanced Decor

The orbs’ crackle effect add a touch of intrigue to your decor, making them captivating conversation starters in any room. As light filters through it casts intricate patterns on your walls and ceilings. This creates a sensory experience that not only appeals to your visual senses but also enhances the ambiance.

Versatile Application Across Your Home

These versatile orbs can be strategically placed throughout your home to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Whether you place them on your coffee table to infuse your living room with a warm and inviting glow or use them as bedside companions to set a soothing tone in your bedroom, they adapt effortlessly.

Crafted for Quality and Longevity

We designed the Crackling Orbs Balls with quality and longevity in mind, ensuring they become a lasting addition to your decor. Their smoke composition ensures they complement any colour scheme or interior design style effortlessly. Regardless of whether your home exudes contemporary chic, classic elegance, or eclectic charm, these orbs blend in seamlessly, adding a touch of enchantment to your space.

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Clear Glass, Warm White


Glass, Metal, Plastic



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