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Diamond Bulb Warm White

Discover the Diamond 2.5W LED E27 Warm White bulb, an elegant and energy-efficient lighting choice. With its striking amber-tinted faceted glass and warm, diffused glow, it enhances any room’s ambiance, blending style with sustainability.

  • Warm White with Amber-Tinted Glass
  • LED Bulb, 2.5W
  • 125 x 125 x 174mm



Experience Elegance with Diamond LED Warm White Bulb

Introducing the Diamond 2.5W LED E27 Warm White bulb, a perfect blend of functionality and style. It boasts an amber tinted faceted glass design, exuding character and interest. Additionally, the anti glare LED light source emits a gentle and diffused warm white glow, creating a welcoming ambiance perfect for relaxation or entertaining.

Save Energy with Style

With its 2.5W power output, this LED bulb is an energy efficient lighting solution. Consequently, it helps in saving on energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. The warm white light it emits is not only easy on the eyes but also perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in various settings.
Sophisticated and Elegant Design

Enhance Your Decor with Amber-Tinted Elegance

The bulb’s standout feature is its amber-tinted glass, adding sophistication to your decor. Furthermore, the faceted glass design enhances visual appeal, creating a play of light and shadow. Thus, it’s not just a light source; it’s a stylish element that enhances your home’s aesthetics.
Versatile Usage and Decorative Options

Versatile Diamond LED Bulb for Any Setting

The Diamond LED bulb offers versatility in usage. It pairs well with a table base for a chic table bulb. Also, it can be used with a flex set, allowing for unique ceiling or pendant light arrangements. This makes it suitable for reading, task lighting, or as a decorative feature.
Ideal as a Thoughtful Gift

The Perfect Gift: Diamond LED Bulb

The Diamond LED bulb is a thoughtful gift choice. Its blend of style, functionality, and eco-friendliness makes it a universally appreciated gift. Suitable for housewarmings, birthdays, or special occasions, it’s a gift that adds brightness to any space.
A Fusion of Aesthetics and Efficiency

Diamond LED Bulb: Where Style Meets Efficiency

In conclusion, the Diamond 2.5W LED E27 Warm White bulb is a modern lighting solution that combines aesthetics, energy efficiency, and versatility. Its unique design and warm glow transform any space, making every moment memorable.

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Warm White


Glass, Steel



Bulb Type

E27, LED