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Large Globe Bulb Amber

Experience the charm of the E27 LED Globe, an amber-tinted, energy-efficient bulb. Its warm glow and elegant design make it perfect for enhancing both modern and classic interiors.

  • Warm, Amber-Tinted Light
  • LED Globe, Energy-Efficient
  • 243 x 148mm



Extra Large Globe Bulb Amber E27 LED Globe

Introducing the Large Globe Bulb Amber, a lighting accessory that beautifully blends functionality, style, and energy efficiency. This generously sized, amber-tinted glass LED bulb not only illuminates but also adds sophistication to your decor. Measuring 243x148mm, it commands attention as a statement piece.

Warm Ambiance with the Amber-Tinted LED Globe

The standout feature of this LED globe is its warm, inviting light output. This creates a cosy ambiance, ideal for various settings from residential to commercial. Moreover, the amber tint of the glass adds warmth and character, making it perfect for subtle yet stylish lighting.

Comfort and Appeal with Gentle Illumination

This LED globe focuses on user comfort and visual appeal. It features an internal etched acrylic cylinder to diffuse light and minimize glare. This design ensures gentle illumination that’s easy on the eyes, enhancing the atmosphere in living rooms, dining areas, and gathering spaces.

Contemporary Elegance with the LED Globe

In interior design, this LED globe is a versatile addition to contemporary spaces. It complements modern settings with a warm, inviting glow. Whether in a living room, chic restaurant, or hotel, it creates a stylish ambiance, achieving an on-trend bar or hotel look.

Sustainable and Stylish: Eco-friendly LED Lighting

This LED globe is not just aesthetically appealing but also eco-friendly. With 2.5W energy-saving LED technology, it offers beautiful lighting while reducing environmental impact, ideal for those who value sustainability alongside style and quality.

The Ultimate Lighting Solution: E27 LED Globe

In summary, the E27 LED Globe is a fusion of style, functionality, and energy efficiency. Its warm, anti-glare illumination and amber-tinted glass transform any space into a chic haven. Ideal for home upgrades or sophisticated commercial projects, this globe is where style meets efficiency.

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Glass, Steel



Bulb Type

E27, LED