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Mica 3 Pendant Light Copper

Elevate your interior with the Mica 3 Pendant Light Copper. Its captivating copper finish, adjustable design, and LED bulbs.

  • Metallic Copper
  • Pendant Light
  • 400mm x 400mm x 1200mm



Mica 3 Pendant Light Copper

The Mica 3 Pendant Light Copper, inspired by nature and modern design. This pendant bridges ancient beauty and contemporary elegance.

Captivating Metallic Copper Finish and Ember Glow

Every detail of the Mica 3 Pendant Light tells a story. Its metallic copper finish, reminiscent of volcanic textures, creates a captivating ember glow, transforming spaces into tranquil havens.

Innovative Adjustable Detail for Customisation

What sets this pendant apart is its innovative adjustable feature. Unlike traditional pendants, the Mica 3 Pendant allows you to shape the cables, turning it into a dynamic piece of art as a result allowing you to craft your desired look.

Sustainability with LED Filament Lamps

In today’s sustainable era, pairing the Mica 3 Pendant Light with LED filament lamps enhances both visual appeal and energy efficiency, aligning beauty with responsibility.

Statement Pendant Reflecting Volcanic Inspiration

The Mica 3 Pendant Light is a bold statement piece inspired by volcanic rock formations. Its metallic copper finish and adjustable design make it versatile, suitable for contemporary and classic interiors.

Versatility and Performance

With customisable cables and compatibility with LED lamps, these pendants offer both stunning looks and adaptability to various interior styles.

Embracing Nature’s Grandeur and Modern Design

The Mica 3 Pendant is more than just a fixture; it symbolises nature, human creativity, and technological advancement. Illuminate your spaces with this pendant, resonating with the harmony of nature and cutting edge design.


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