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Mobberley Swivel Chair Charcoal Velvet

Elevate your home office with the Mobberley Swivel Chair in Charcoal Velvet. This chair combines elegance and comfort with its luxurious upholstery and intricate stitch detailing.

  • Charcoal Velvet
  • Swivel Chair
  • 565 x 560 x 960mm


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Introduction to the Mobberley Charcoal Velvet Office Chair

When it comes to home office furniture, the perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality can be elusive. Enter the Mobberley Swivel Chair Charcoal Velvet, a true embodiment of all three, making it the ideal addition to any sophisticated workspace.

First Impression and Velvet Elegance

First impressions matter, and the Mobberley Swivel Chair doesn’t disappoint. Upholstered in tactile Charcoal Velvet, it offers an instant touch of glamour. This isn’t just any fabric; the velvet is rich, opulent, and incredibly pleasing to the touch, ensuring that every interaction with the chair is a tactile delight.

Comfort and Sophisticated Design

Beyond its striking appearance, the Mobberley Swivel Chair boasts features that ensure it isn’t just a pretty face. A crucial aspect of any good home office chair is comfort, and the Mobberley delivers with aplomb. The padded back and seat not only provide support but also feature intricate stitch detailing, adding another layer of sophistication to its design.

Functionality for Modern Workspaces

The Mobberley Swivel Chair is not just about looking good and feeling comfortable; it’s about functionality. Recognising the nature of modern workspaces, the chair comes with castors, ensuring easy manoeuvrability across the room. Whether you’re reaching out for a file or simply adjusting your position, the castors promise seamless movement. Catering to the diverse needs of users, the chair offers tilt adjustment and a gas lift seat height adjustment.

Versatility in Colour Options

For those who wish to experiment with different colour palettes, the Mobberley offers versatility. While the Charcoal velvet variant is the epitome of elegance, it’s worth noting that the Mobberley is also available in four other stunning colours, ensuring there’s a shade to match every decor.

A Swivel Chair with Statement of Style and Functionality

In summary, the Mobberley Swivel Chair Charcoal Velvet is not just a home office chair; it’s a statement piece. From its luxurious tactile Charcoal velvet upholstery to its practical features like tilt adjustment and gas lift, it’s evident that every aspect of the chair has been thoughtfully crafted.

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Charcoal Velvet


Foam, Iron, Nylon, Plywood, Polyester

Assembly Required

Yes – Just legs




565 x 560 x 960mm