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Opaline Opal Warm White Bulb

Illuminate your space with the Opaline 12W LED E27 Opal Warm White Large bulb. Crafted with opal glass, it marries timeless design with modern efficiency. Enjoy adjustable ambiance with dimmability, and embrace energy efficiency with low running costs.

  • Color: Opal Warm White
  • LED Bulb
  • 170 x 125 mm



Opaline Opal Warm White Bulb

Opaline Opal Warm White Bulb combines artistry with cutting edge technology. Crafted with opal glass, it epitomises an era where design meets function, offering a nostalgic yet innovative aura.

Bridging the Past and Present with Efficient Lighting

Remember the golden days of incandescent bulbs casting a soft glow? Opaline LED bridges that gap, providing reminiscent warmth without energy wastage. Meticulously designed opal glass diffuses light, emitting a gentle, warm glow.

Modern Features in a Classic Design

A step into modernity, Opaline 12W LED E27 blends classic appearance with modern efficiency. Operating on just 12W, fitting any E27 socket, it’s an efficiency powerhouse. Opal Warm White exudes a soothing luminescence for welcoming, serene spaces.

Flexibility with Dimmability

Opaline LED offers a significant edge with dimmability. Modern living demands flexibility, allowing homeowners to adjust ambiance from bright, energetic workdays to subtle, romantic evenings.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, Opaline 12W LED E27 reduces costs and waste. Amid rising energy prices and environmental concerns, it’s a breath of fresh air—cutting electricity bills, offering longevity, and reducing waste.

Versatile Fit for Various Light Fixtures

With dimensions of 170x125mm, Opaline fits various fixtures, from dining area pendants to bedside bulbs. A smaller size option is also available.

A Tribute to Timeless Design and a Nod to the Future

Opaline LED transcends being a mere bulb. It’s a timeless design tribute and a nod to the future—an accessory for every home, adding class, making a statement, and doing so responsibly. It respects the past, shines in the present, and promises an elegant, efficient, and environmentally sustainable future.

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Glass, Steel



Bulb Type

E27, LED