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Peover Faux Leather Brown Stool

Enhance your interior with the Peover Brown Stool, seamlessly blending vintage elegance and modern design. Vintage brown faux leather and meticulous stitching meet robust bronze legs, offering both style and support. Versatile for various spaces, this set fosters symmetry and comfort.

  • Brown
  • Stool (2pk)
  • 420 x 600 x 1060mm



Vintage Elegance Meets Modern Design with Peover Faux Leather Brown Stool

Introducing the Peover Faux Leather Brown Stool, a masterclass in blending contemporary elegance with a dash of rustic charm. At first glance, this stylish stool reveals its vintage grey faux leather, evoking classic, timeless design. Additionally, its tactile surface boasts stitched seam detailing, adding depth and character.

Versatile Seating for Contemporary Spaces

Designed for modern homes yet rooted in traditional appeal, the Peover Stool is an experience. Ideal for casual dining areas, home bars, or chic breakfast nooks, this set of two stools ensures symmetry and cohesion in your design space. Appreciate aesthetics and functionality, fostering shared moments over meals or drinks.

Robust Bronze Legs for Sleek Sophistication

The foundation of the Peover Stool is its robust bronze metal legs, offering unwavering support and sleek sophistication. The angle of the legs adds a dynamic edge, mixing contemporary and old-world charm. The bronze hue complements the vintage brown faux leather for a harmonious blend.

Consistency and Comfort in Design

The Peover Stool offers consistency in design, easily achieving a balanced look in your space. Sold in pairs, it flanks kitchen islands or lines up against bar counters. Beyond visual appeal, the faux leather provides a comfortable seating experience, ensuring your guests remain relaxed.

A Statement of Timeless Design with Peover Faux Leather Brown Stool

In summary, the Peover Brown Stool is a statement that melds the old with the new, rustic with polished, and celebrates contrasts in a cohesive manner. Redesign your space or find that perfect finishing touch. Seek style, comfort, and durability with the Peover Brown Stool—a touch of vintage charm and modern elegance.

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Faux Leather, Metal

Assembly Required

Yes – Just legs




420 x 600 x 1060mm