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Rede Metal Candlestick Small Pebble

Elevate your space with the Rede Candlestick Small Pebble, a timeless blend of contemporary design and classic charm.

  • Natural Pebble
  • Dinner Candlestick
  • 115 x 50 x 160mm


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Rede Metal Candlestick Small Pebble

The Rede Metal Candlestick Small Pebble is a captivating piece that effortlessly melds contemporary design with timeless elegance. This decorative item; is a testament to the finesse of modern craftsmanship, seamlessly integrating into any living space. This candlestick stands as a standout feature, bringing an aura of sophistication and understated charm to any room it graces.

Sculptural Design with Warm Natural Colours

Resting on a simple yet solid square base, this candlestick boasts a sculptural design that remains firmly grounded. Its most striking feature is the harmonious interplay of the circular top with the square bottom, creating an artistic and captivating contrast. The natural pebble hue of the candlestick exudes a sense of warmth and earthiness, instantly appealing to the senses and evoking a feeling of calmness.

Commitment to Quality in Craftsmanship

While aesthetics play a pivotal role, the Rede Candlestick Small Pebble goes beyond looks. Its craftsmanship speaks volumes through meticulously crafted curves and edges, reflecting a commitment to quality. When placed on a coffee table, mantle, or dining table, it promises to elevate the ambiance of any space it occupies. Despite its classification as “small,” its impact is undeniably substantial.

Timeless Addition to Any Decor

The Rede Candlestick Small Pebble is designed to withstand the test of time. Its universal appeal allows it to seamlessly integrate into various decors, whether in homes, offices, or boutique hotels. It’s a versatile piece that remains adaptable, ready to enhance the aesthetics of any setting. However, please note that the candle is not included with the candlestick.

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115 x 50 x 160mm