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Ribb Bulb Amber Glass

Elevate your space with the Ribb Bulb Amber Glass. A fusion of elegance and innovation, its amber tinted ribbed glass and unique internal structure create a soft, warm luminescence. Energy-efficient with anti glare LED.

  • Warm White
  • E27 LED Bulb
  • 125 x 125 x 175 mm



Introduction to the Ribb Bulb Amber Glass

In the realm of modern lighting, the Ribb Bulb Amber Glass stands out. This exquisite piece isn’t just a bulb but an embodiment of elegance and efficiency, designed for contemporary abodes.

Amber Tint for Warm and Gentle Luminescence

At its heart is an amber tint, reminiscent of warm times gone by. Encased in ribbed glass, it accentuates visual appeal while ensuring subtle light output. The Ribb Bulb bathes your space in gentle luminescence, ideal for extended use.

Commitment to Sustainability and Efficiency

What sets the Ribb Bulb apart is its commitment to sustainability. In an era of valuing energy conservation, this bulb shines as an energy-saving gem, illuminating spaces with minimal power consumption.

Stylish Design with Classic Inspiration

While an emblem of energy efficiency, the Ribb Bulb draws inspiration from classic filament light. Versatile in various settings, it fits into minimalist living rooms or grand dining spaces, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Ideal for Chic and Contemporary Settings

Its design resonates with the on-trend bar and hotel look, envisioning it in a chic hotel lobby or casting a warm glow over an upscale bar’s countertop. Versatile and stylish, it bridges vintage charm with contemporary chic.

A Fusion of Design and Functionality

The Ribb Bulb Amber Glass is more than a lighting accessory. It epitomises design meeting functionality, offering the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern efficiency. Elevate your spaces with its mesmerising glow for a stylish and sustainable statement.

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Warm White


Glass, Steel



Bulb Type

LED bulb MV