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Roves Anti Glare Bulb Green

Elevate your space with the Roves E27 LED Anti Glare 2.8w Green / Pink Filament Bulb. A revolutionary pop of colour in the minimalist world, it boasts an on-trend green to pink ombre design. Marrying beauty with functionality, it features LED Anti-Glare technology for soothing light.

  • Green / Pink Ombre
  • Filament Bulb
  • W190 x D190 x H245mm



Roves Anti Glare Bulb Green Filament Bulb

In the world of design, where minimalism prevails, a pop of colour can be revolutionary. The Roves Anti Glare Bulb Green offers a vibrant burst, elevating your living space. This filament bulb features on-trend green to pink ombre tinted glass, a bold and contemporary design choice.

Beauty Enhanced by Functionality

The Roves E27 LED Anti Glare 2.8w Green / Pink marries beauty and functionality. Beyond aesthetics, it boasts LED Anti Glare technology, ensuring the bulb stands out while soothing your eyes. The etched acrylic inner enhances the anti glare effect, diffusing LED light for a soft, ambient glow, perfect for a relaxed mood.

Nod to Classic Design, Embrace Modern Technology

The filament bulb design nods to the classic, blending vintage charm with modern technology. The green to pink ombre not only brings a pop of colour but also creates a dynamic visual effect when lit, with hues merging and contrasting in a delightful dance of light and shade.

Embodying On-Trend Ombre Effect

For trend enthusiasts, this bulb is an impeccable choice. The use of ombre, where colours seamlessly transition, is in vogue. Beyond a lighting solution, it’s a statement piece, a conversation starter, and an art piece rolled into one.

Versatile Colour Choices for Your Style

If green and pink aren’t your shades, or for an eclectic look, good news awaits. This design is available in another colour way, offering flexibility in interior design choices to suit your style.

Conclusion: Design Masterpiece for Modern Lighting

The Roves Bulb transcends being a mere light source. It’s a design masterpiece, blending the old and the new. With on trend ombre design, LED Anti Glare feature, and etched acrylic inner, it promises style and comfort.

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Green, Pink


Glass, Steel



Bulb Type

E27, XL Anti Glare