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Scandi Warm White Bulb

Illuminate your space with the Scandi 2.5W LED E27 Warm White bulb. This Scandinavian-inspired E27 LED masterpiece combines design and functionality, featuring amber-tinted glass and cutting-edge technology for an anti-glare light source.

  • Warm White
  • Scandinavian-Inspired LED Bulb
  • 200 x 200 x 241 mm



Scandi Warm White Bulb

Introducing the Scandi Warm White Bulb, a beautiful harmony of design and functionality, capturing the essence of Scandinavian aesthetics. Beyond being an illumination device, this E27 LED bulb is a statement piece for your interior. Boasting amber tinted glass and designed with cutting-edge technology for an anti-glare LED light source that caters to those seeking both ambiance and clarity.

Soft Diffused Glow with Etched Acrylic Inner

What sets this bulb apart is its ability to emit a soft, diffused glow. This enchanting radiance can be attributed to its etched acrylic inner, amplifying the warmth of the light and adding sophistication to the environment. With the anti glare feature, the bulb ensures a gentle glow without straining the eyes, making it perfect for both work and relaxation.

Unique Shape as a Decor Element

Another captivating feature of the Scandi Warm White bulb is its unique shape. The artistry in crafting ensures it serves not only as a light source but also as a decor piece, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space. Whether on a bedside table, study desk, or living room shelf, it never fails to catch the eye and invite admiration.

Ideal for Gifting and Customisation

Gifting has never been this luminous. The Scandi bulb is a great gift, especially when paired with a table base. Its elegance and functionality make it a perfect choice for housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion that calls for a thoughtful gesture. For those who love to play with light fixtures, this bulb can be effortlessly paired with a flex set, allowing customisation according to individual preferences.

More Than Just a Bulb

In conclusion, the Scandi bulb, with its amber tinted glass, anti glare light source, and unique design, is not just a bulb. It’s an experience, a blend of warmth, design, and technology, created to illuminate and inspire.

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Glass, Steel



Bulb Type

E27, G95