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Star Warm White Bulb

The Star Warm White Bulb combines avant-garde design with efficiency, making it ideal for contemporary homes and offices. Its amber lustre glass emits a golden glow, turning any space into a focal point. Perfect as a thoughtful gift.

  • Warm White
  • LED STAR Filament Bulb
  • W125 x D125 x H170 mm


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Star Warm White Bulb

Star Warm White filament bulb stands as a testament to the innovative advancements in modern lighting. Envisioned for today’s homes and offices, this LED STAR filament bulb uniquely combines functionality with avant-garde design.

Fusion of Aesthetics and Efficiency

When we speak of modern lighting solutions, the fusion of aesthetic appeal and efficiency comes to mind. This Warm White bulb encapsulates just that. The brilliance of the LED STAR Filament design ensures longevity and consistent luminosity, while its warm white hue brings an ambient charm to interiors.

Amber Lustre Glass: Enhancing Beauty and Ambiance

One of the standout features of this bulb is its amber lustre glass. The reflective quality of the amber adds a luxurious feel, and when lit, it radiates a mesmerising golden hue, turning any mundane corner into a focal point. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship are evident in every curve and edge of this masterpiece.

Ideal as a Thoughtful Gift

But the allure of the Star bulb doesn’t stop at its design and functionality. It also serves as a thoughtful and cherished gift. Imagine gifting a loved one a piece of art that not only brightens their space but also their mood. This bulb, especially when paired with one of our stylish table bases, becomes more than just a lighting solution.

Perfect Pairing with Stylish Table Bases

Speaking of pairing, our range of stylish table bases complements this bulb perfectly. Their designs, ranging from minimalist to ornate, ensure that there’s a match for every decor style. When combined, the Star bulb and a table base form an ensemble that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great gift for any occasion.

A Must-Have for Contemporary Homes

In conclusion, the Star Warm White LED STAR Filament bulb is more than just a lighting device. It’s a blend of art and innovation. Its amber lustre glass, warm white glow, and compatibility with stylish table bases make it a must-have for every contemporary home.

Additional information


Warm White


Glass, Steel



Bulb Type

E27, LED bulb MV


W12.5 x D12.5 x H17cm