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Toft 2 Door Sideboard Burnt Wax

The Toft 2 Door Sideboard Burnt Wax is a blend of contemporary style and functionality, perfect for smaller spaces. With a striking burnt wax finish, it complements various interiors, offering a relaxed yet cool aesthetic.

  • Sideboard
  • Iron, Mango Wood, MDF
  • W75 x D45 x H89cm



Style and Substance in Modern Furniture

The Toft 2 Door Sideboard Burnt Wax combines style and substance, a must-have for contemporary homes. Crafted with detail, it boasts a burnt wax finish, marrying vintage charm with modern design.

Aesthetic Appeal and Versatility

Commanding attention with aesthetic appeal, the burnt wax finish enhances wood grain, complementing various interior styles. Whether minimalist, boho-chic, or rustic, the Toft 2 Door Sideboard seamlessly blends in, adding relaxed charm.

Compact and Functional Design

Beyond style, this sideboard is immensely functional. Measuring 750x450x890mm, its compact design suits smaller spaces. Inside, ample storage is available for books, keepsakes, or cherished items, offering both style and practicality.

Optimised for Space-Conscious Homes

For homes where space is at a premium, the Toft 2 Door Sideboard Burnt Wax is a boon. It optimises space without sacrificing style. The compact design makes it versatile, serving as a mini-bar, storage unit, or decorative stand.

Relaxed Vibe and Functional Design

Setting it apart is the Toft 2 Door Sideboard’s amalgamation of a relaxed vibe with functional design. Curated material and finish ensure it serves both as stylish furniture and practical storage.

A Statement Piece in Modern Living

In conclusion, the Toft Sideboard is not just furniture; it’s a statement. Epitomising modern furniture, it combines functionality and style, transforming urban living spaces with understated elegance.

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Burnt Wax


Iron, Mango, MDF


2 Doors / 1 Shelf


W75 x D45 x H89cm